Samedi 19 février 2011

A cracking performance

It’s one of the most blogged and runescape gold hyped pop singles in recent memory. The title was announced more than six months ago, with the lyrics leaked by the singer herself and Justin Bieber trying to predict what it would sound like.

Lady Gaga’s first new song in over a year – Born This Way –arrived last week. The 24-year-old made the song’s debut performance on Monday’s 53rd Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.Gaga tells gay people to live life the way it suits them. The song serves as the
runescape money perfect expression of putting cultural outsiders into the mainstream.

But what does it sound like? Before you tune in to listen to the music, you may want to know what the critics have said.

Reading a music review is usually a tough job for English learners. Here’s a typical piece of review of Born This Way in the Los Angeles Times. We also provide you runescape accounts its Twitter equivalents – fans’ reviews online. See how you can use simple English language to talk about music.

Born This Way is massive in every way: It’s a huge-sounding single with a pulsating beat and a love-yourself message. It’s bound to pack dance-floors and blast from cars, computers and radios for weeks to come.

The song is surprisingly reminiscent of Madonna – recalling Express Yourself in several places and Vogue in the spoken bits – but in the best way possible.

“It doesn’t matter if you love him or capital H-I-M,” Gaga says at the beginning of the song. “Just put your paws up, because you were born this way, baby.”

The beat then comes crashing in and the runescape items song is off to the races, building and releasing tension in its multiple but fluid sections.

The song is an ode to anyone who sees themselves as an outcast of society. That is a theme on which the popular pop singer has built both her fan base and her own personal identity.
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Jeudi 17 février 2011

The Secrets Of Successful Sleeping

According to a recent study, sleep problems are not just tiring and frustrating, they can also cause health problems, raising the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Here, we examine some of the most runescape gold common and explain how to tackle them.

Waking too early

Dr Stanley, a sleep expert says, “Waking too early is one of the classic signs of depression, though no one knows why.” Changes in your environment can also wake you too early, as we wake easily in the morning anyway as sleep becomes lighter.

‘You almost certainly won’t wake up for the first three hours of night as you are deeply asleep,’ says Dr Stanley. ‘But later sleep is much lighter and more prone to be disturbed by noises.’

What you can do:

‘The big caveat is that if you feel fine during the runescape money day then whatever’s happening isn’t a problem,’ says Dr Stanley. If you think the issue is insomnia, speak to your doctor.

Walking/talking in your sleep

‘Everyone is capable of sleepwalking or talking,’ explains sleep expert Dr Stanley. ‘The conscious part of your brain can be deeply asleep while other bits, such as the area controlling movement and navigation, are still awake.’

The problem can run in families, but it can also be triggered in anyone when sleep is partially disturbed, meaning part of their rs gold brain is awake.

One trigger is alcohol, which lightens sleep. Parasomnia is also common in children as their nervous system is still developing. It can also be brought on by medications, such as some antidepressants, or by different drugs interacting.

What you can do:

The advice is to try to work out the runescape accounts triggers which disturb full sleep (such as alcohol), check side-effects of medication with your GP and check if the problem runs in your family.


Likely cause: Known as bruxism, teeth-grinding varies from jaw clenching to ferocious grinding that wears teeth down to stumps. It is usually due to genetics or stress.

What you can do:

‘Treatment is important, as people who grind their teeth have dental problems but also tension headaches,’ says Dr Stanley.

Usual treatment is a gum shield, though some people grind through these. If teeth-grinding is caused by stress, then the cause should be addressed.


Likely cause: Stress may be a factor, but otherwise they are a random occurrence.

‘Nightmares are luck of the draw,’ says Dr Stanley. ‘We all dream four or five times a night, but only remember them if we wake up during or just after them. So we are all probably having disturbing dreams and just not remembering them.’

What you can do:

People often associate nightmares with runescape powerleveling stress, which then makes them more anxious.

Although stress can cause you to wake up more, remember we all have bad dreams all the time. Try to improve your sleep so you wake up less often.

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Mercredi 16 février 2011

Post-holiday syndrome strikes workers

It`s common when you come back to work after a long holiday to find your mind wandering, especially after Spring Festival. Psychologists and nutritionists have dubbed it post-holiday syndrome, which involves tiredness, poor appetite, muscle pains, anxiety and runescape items more, if not dealt with properly, it can take weeks to recover.

Gong Bo, a customer manager with the Bank of China in Shanghai said he was even more exhausted after the "long rest," and eating too much meat over the holiday had only made the situation worse.

"I got an upset stomach, and I did not feel rested at all," He said. "The end of the holiday felt like the end of the world."

Work shyness

"It is like someone suddenly enters a dark room after spending time in sunlight, their eyes take some time to adjust," psychologist Shi Yu with the runescape power leveling Armed Police General Hospital said. "People just cannot adapt when they take on a full schedule right after relaxing."

Compared with China`s other festivals such as the National Day holiday, Wang Xufeng, a nutritionist with the China Nutrition Society, believes the post-holiday syndrome from the Spring Festival is the most noticeable.

“Not only is it the most celebrated holiday in China, but Chinese people also over-indulge themselves in eating and drinking. The foods that people eat during the Spring Festival are also high in fat, a leftover tradition from the old days when food was scarce and rs power leveling meat was rare,”he said.

Overeating and drinking also leaves many with excess winter weight to worry about.

Medical college student Wang Zheyan is frustrated because she has to work out a diet plan to cater for her holiday weight.

"I think I intended to be extra nice to myself during the holiday," she recalled. "I let myself eat cream cakes even when I was 100 percent full!"

It is also a tradition to stay up late during the festival, playing mahjong or singing karaoke. Sleep deprivation can cause problems for people with runescape accounts high blood pressure and heart disease.

Young people who think they are strong enough to handle the lack of sleep and non-stop social activities are more likely to suffer from post-holiday syndrome. Instead of waiting for the symptoms to pass, Shi suggests that everyone be better prepared.

Back to normal

"It`s better we get back to a normal routine before the holiday ends, sleeping earlier and eating less," Shi said.

Some employers may compromise and help workers get through the blue period, but Shi believes it is not the company`s responsibility to do that.

Nutritionist Wang has some ways to help people recover from a nutritionist`s perspective.

"Congee, noodles and steamed bread take less time digest, while food with high fat and protein takes much longer," he explained.

After irregular eating and sleeping, it is common for runescape coin people to lose their appetites too, Wang said. The problem can be solved by eating food with stronger flavors, like spicy and sour dishes.

"Lots of vinegar, fresh lemon and tomato, it zests up the food and wakes up your stomach," he added.
Published February 16th, 2011
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Mardi 15 février 2011

Search Job in winter

It may be too cold to venture outside, but that doesn’t mean you need to put your job-hunting plans on ice. You can explore new job opportunities from the comfort of your own runescape money
home by just clicking your mouse on your computer or cell phone.

Here 21st Century interviews career experts to help you track down updated job opportunities and learn new job-hunting skills from job websites and social network services (SNS).

Job websites

Notices advertising new job vacancies flood into job websites every day. In order to quickly locate the information most relevant to you, remember to customize your job search engine entries.

1. Set “Publication Date” as “in the past two weeks”, so that the job vacancies displayed are currently available. Remember, the earlier you send your resume, the more likely it is to get read.

2. Don’t set restrictions on “salary” because many employers will advertise it as “negotiable”. But do specify your salary expectations in your CV, so you won’t waste time going to interviews with employers who can’t, or won’t meet your demands.

3. Specify your target vacancy to get accurate search results. For example, “marketing” can be further divided into “advertising” and “PR”.


Those who received job offers before the holiday now might be free and glad to write about their job-hunting experiences. They may also post advice on how to prepare for written tests and job interviews.

For instance, during the buy runescape gold winter holiday, will collect tips from its forum members who have secured a job, and post them in its “Highly Recommended” section.

In the same section, students can also find information about campus recruitment for the upcoming spring semester.

Companies which are planning to recruit during the spring semester generally begin publishing relevant information the first week after the Spring Festival. So be sure to keep an eye on all of the job websites.

HRs also share their comments and experiences online. For example,’s BBS has a section called “HR Club”, where all the members’ identities are verified by website administrators.

SNS websites

The website launched “Renren Recruitment Platform” in March 2010. To date, 577 companies have joined the platform. Students can stay informed of job opportunities by subscribing to the individual companies’ pages. If you don’t have any particular preference in terms of companies, go to the platform’s homepage to view the latest job opportunities.

Micro blog

The rapid spread of information on micro blogs has inspired companies to publish recruitment information there. The function of rs gold searching for people according to “tags” on micro blogs is quite useful. You can set the tag as “HR” or the industry and the company you are interested in. Some CEOs, HRs, or employees may publish job opportunities on their micro blogs.
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Lundi 14 février 2011

Prison can’t break singer Joe

South African singer Larry Joe found in solitary confinement the peace of mind he needed to develop his talent. A producer helped him make a CD in a cell-turned-studio.

Joe, 31, can see only seven stars in his small ffxiv gil slice of sky. He has spent nearly three years with those stars outside his window in a prison in Douglas, South Africa, counting the days of his sentence for housebreaking.

But he has a guitar, his songs and a wild hope.

“I want to be a bright, bright star.” His voice is wistful, as soft as velvet. “I want people, when they hear me, to see the darkness a little less.”

The first seven months in prison he thought about “everything”: what he’d done, how things had gone so wrong.

Then he asked to be put into solitary confinement, where he spent many ff14 gil months, and he started to write songs.

“I started to put my feelings in words,” said Joe. “I wanted my guitar to sound exactly the way I felt.”

He strums his guitar and sings, his voice so sweet that it’s heartbreaking.

It was December 1, 2008, and one of South Africa’s top musical groups, Freshly Ground, was in Douglas for a concert to mark World AIDS Day.

Joe was also invited to play FF14 Power leveling in the support act, permitted by the government. He stunned the audience.

Aron Turest-Swartz, Freshly Ground’s founder, noticed Joe’s music and his crazy fans.“Everyone was totally riveted. I was really blown away because I hadn’t heard a voice like that before,” he recalled.

Turest-Swartz visited Joe and listened to some FFXIV Power leveling of the 40 songs he had written in prison, and came up with the idea of recording an album there. He worked with Joe all through the freezing winter in a prison cell recording studio.

Troubled childhood

When Joe was 13, his parents moved to a small house in Douglas.

They were very poor: his sister would tell him that she had a headache for bread, but there was nothing to give her.

Joe made bad friends, who were always talking about stealing. Later, Joe slipped into crime to help reduce the burden of family. Finally, he was put behind bars.

Prison could have broken him: he couldn’t even see his family members buried. His father died when he was in prison. So did Joe’s 18-month-old daughter. Before prison, he’d see her in the hospital, medical tubes everywhere. Joe felt broken when she died.But he marks the time of his rebirth – his decision to be a better man – from that moment.

He stopped pretending there was an excuse for his crime, that he’d really been a good guy just trying to overcome poverty and stop his sister’s bread headaches.“I decided to be myself. So I started behaving like a gentleman,” he said.

On December 13, 2010, the album he recorded in prison was timed for release. He was paroled for good behavior after two years and 10 months.That afternoon, Joe gave a concert at the prison to celebrate his freedom and his CD, Crazy Life. The first song is called Let You Know.

Joe launched into a crowd favorite. One group of prisoners was dancing, hands in the air. Beside the stage, officers jumped to their feet, dancing joyfully with the cheap ffxiv gil prisoners. The night before, Joe had felt afraid. His dreams were huge. Was he good enough? But it was time to say goodbye to his seven stars. He would see them outside.
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Dimanche 13 février 2011

Romantic tips for Valentine's Day

As a festival for love and romance, Valentine`s Day provides us with a splendid opportunity to spend some quality time with our truelove. Are you looking for some tips to romance your sweetheart on this Feb 14? You`ve come to the right place then. Here are some nice ffxiv gil romantic ideas that you can use to build the romance in your relationship with good effect on your special someone.

Create a LoveSpace

A splendid idea on Valentine`s Day is to open your heart to your sweet one and let know your feelings for her. An easy way to do this would be to create a "lovespace". If you are not already registered to myspace, you can sign up for a free account and within minutes you`ll have a page dedicated to your sweetie. Keep it focused on romance with weekly love notes, romantic ff14 gil poems, and photos. You can even add a romantic love song that she loves very much in your `lovespace`. That way she will get to listen to her favorite song whenever she visits the page! If you both are private persons and don`t like to let the world know about your relationship, you can sure make the page private. That way you`ll also feel free to open your heart and write about your inner feelings without a care.

Make a Video

Another splendid idea is to make a short video declaring your love for your honey. If you have a camera phone or a webcam at your FF14 Power leveling disposal, you can easily make a video and upload it online in sites like YouTube for free. You can then send a link via email to him/her to check out your valentine video! If you don`t prefer a public declaration of your love, you can keep it personal and have a private viewing of your video with your sweetheart who`ll surely love the idea.

Candle-lit dinner

Treat your honey to a romantic dinner by candle-light. That doesn`t mean you don`t have to take your sweetheart to a posh restaurant and spend a lotta bucks. Rather, you can arrange your own candle-lit dinner at home. Cook up a splendid dinner together. Even a simple pasta would work; buy dessert from the bakery in the grocery store. Set the table; create a romantic atmosphere with candles, sweet snacks and wine. Have soft romantic music playing in the background, and dim the lights so that it`s mostly the candles lighting the room. Then dress up and "attend" the dinner walking up to the table hand in hand with your love. You`ll be amazed how much more fun it gives to have a candle-lit dinner at home. Once dinner is over, dance slowly to your song. Then snuggle as you watch a romantic flick together.

Prepare a dessert

This one is specially for the ladies. Invite your honey and treat him to a dessert dish. Find out about the favorite dessert of your partner and prepare it yourself on Valentine`s Day. Even if it doesn`t turn perfect and your cooking skills don`t prove amazing, he`ll pleasantly surprised and love you for your serious attempt.


Believe it or not, writing love letters is still as cool. Yes, the world may have changed and e-mails and text messages may be the order of the day, but a passionate letter of love still posseses that eternal charm and out-of-the-world romanticism which many would die for. So put your pen to paper and pour your feelings out for the love of your life. Say in simple words what your FFXIV Power leveling sweetheart means to you, and how your life has changed since his/her arrival. Then hide it in some spot where your sweet one is likely to lay his/her hand soon. Don`t worry if you`re not too good with words, your sweetheart will surely appreciate your gesture. Your effort will culminate into a moment which both of you`ll treasure forever, trust us.
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